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Dr. Babak Larian, the Chairman and Director of the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery in Los Angeles, is a highly experienced and reputable board-certified surgeon...
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Facial Paralysis Surgery

The facial nerve is responsible for the movement and control of muscle function in the face. Damage to the facial nerve may cause imbalance of the face and facial paralysis. It usually occurs on just one side of the face and can cause numerous problems of the eye, skin, and muscles. It affects the symmetrical appearance of common facial expressions, such as smiling, laughing, and grimacing, as well as the ability to chew, retain fluid while drinking, nasal breathing, corneal exposure, speech patterns, and overall communication skills. At the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Larian utilizes his team of experts, including expert facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, to assure that patients are always experiencing the highest level of care possible.

The loss of facial muscle tone generally causes downward droopiness of the brow, eyelid, nostril, lip, and cheek on the paralyzed side of the face. The functional loss of the dynamic muscles of the lip and cheek affects our ability to talk and chew, while weakness of the circular muscles around the eye causes incomplete eye closure and excessive corneal exposure. Paralysis of the small nasal muscles, meanwhile, may cause a collapse of the nostrils during breathing.

Depending on the extent and duration of the paralysis, a number of dynamic and static procedures may be employed to alleviate these problems. Dr. Larian has been collaborating with renowned facial paralysis expert Dr. Azizzadeh for the past two decades, which has enabled him to offer specialized surgery that will restore both function and appearance of the facial nerve. This partnership has been instrumental to their success, and has resulted in one of the highest levels of successful patient outcomes in the country. They are two of only a handful of surgeons in the country who perform surgery to treat facial paralysis, and their team approach and combined experience in dealing with the facial nerve has resulted in a positive outcome for countless patients.

Facial paralysis is a devastating disorder that can significantly impact your quality of life and appearance, which is why we believe a multi-specialty approach is required to address your needs. That is why the institute is comprised of world-renowned experts from various specialties that are singularly focused on facial nerve disorders – including facial plastic surgeons, neuro-otologists, physical therapists, head and neck surgeons, radiologists, neurosurgeons and psychologists.

There are a number of surgical procedures targeting specific facial paralysis problems, such as brow lifts and eyelid surgery, but the choice of procedure is complex and depends on a number of factors. That is why our team always conducts a thorough examination and an extensive discussion before creating an individualized treatment plan that is optimized for your needs and goals.

It has been shown that the chance of surgical complication decreases with the experience and expertise of the surgical team. This is why it is extremely important to ensure an expert team performs your facial paralysis surgery. Highly respected by peers and patients alike, the team at the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery is comprised of innovators in the field of facial paralysis. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Larian and his experienced surgical team, give us a call at 310.461.0300 today.


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