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Dr. Babak Larian, the Chairman and Director of the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery in Los Angeles, is a highly experienced and reputable board-certified surgeon...
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Dr. Babak Larian is a world-renowned parotid gland surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, who regularly treats patients from all over the country. Fortunately, Beverly Hills has a lot to offer our out-of-town patients.



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Signs you May Have Parotitis

Signs you May Have ParotitisParotitis is characterized by the swelling or inflammation of the parotid glands. Parotitis may affect one or both of the parotid glands since they are the salivary glands that are the most prone to infection. There are several reasons why a parotid gland could become infected, including a viral infection, blockage, diabetes, auto-immune disease, or radiation of the head and neck. Patients who suspect they may have parotitis should seek medical attention from parotid expert Dr. Larian at the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery in Beverly Hills.

What are the Parotid Glands?

The parotid glands are one of the three sets of the major salivary glands in the body. The parotid glands are located in front of and beneath the ear and produce saliva to aid the digestive process. The parotid glands are made up of numerous different cells, which means that there are a number of different infections, tumors, and cancers they can develop. Because the parotid glands are continuously working to produce saliva, they are more prone to infection.

What are the Symptoms of Parotitis?

There are some common symptoms that could indicate you are suffering from parotitis.

  • Swelling in the face near the ear or jaw – This area is where the parotid glands are located and could mean something is wrong with the glands.
  • Dry mouth – This could indicate a problem with the function of the salivary glands.
  • Facial pain – An infection or blockage in the parotid glands can be painful, especially when trying to swallow or eat food.
  • Fever and chills
  • Strange taste in the mouth

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is best to see a parotid gland expert who has experience with diagnosing and treating parotitis.

How is Parotitis Treated?

At first, the patient should try treating parotitis with increased hydration, warm compresses, gland massages, and antibiotics. These at-home treatments usually work if the parotitis is caused by a bacterial infection. However, many patients have chronic parotitis that is caused by salivary gland stones, a cyst, or a tumor. In these cases, surgery is recommended in order to fully treat the root cause of the parotitis and prevent permanent damage to the parotid glands.

If there is a salivary stone that is obstructing the parotid gland duct, Dr. Larian can remove the stone by performing a minimally invasive Sialendoscopy. This innovative technique allows salivary gland expert Dr. Larian to remove the stone from the patient’s parotid gland in an outpatient procedure that results in no external scarring or damage to the surrounding tissue. For patients with more advanced parotitis caused by blockage by a large stone inside the gland rather than the duct, Dr. Larian can perform a micro-parotidectomy. This is a minimally invasive parotid gland surgery that allows Dr. Larian to partially or completely remove the parotid gland if needed. The micro-parotidectomy is a revolutionary procedure that was pioneered by Dr. Larian as the most advanced method for minimizing the trauma of surgery when removing part or all of the parotid gland. For patients with parotitis, they really are in the best hands when treated by the renowned parotid gland experts at the CENTER for Advanced Parotid Surgery!

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